Multifunctional Makeup Sponge Puff


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  • Latex-free is used to create a soft and flexible feel. In addition. this product can be used in both dry and damp conditions. Use a makeup brush to apply foundation. etc.. and then gently tap it on the flat surface of the sponge puff to remove excess makeup and sebum for a more natural finish.
  • The beveled design creates a large flat surface for even. neat application of foundation on wide surfaces such as the cheeks and forehead.
  • The rounded part disperses the force. adjusting the delicate force as the coverage extends. and gently tapping for a natural finish. It also removes excess sebum and hides pores. so it can be used for makeup touch-ups.
  • The teardrop-shaped tip is designed to easily fit small areas such as the nose. corners of the eyes. and mouth. and can be used not only when applying foundation. but also for touch-ups.
  • With a good sponge puff. it can be reused without deformation. It also comes in a storage case so it is easy to put it on the box and let it air dry when cleaning



Package Size:?7cm x 5cm x 5cm


1.?Please wash it once before use.
2.?This product can be used in both dry and humid conditions. Please use it correctly according to your makeup.
3.?Each time you use it. try to wash it lightly and air dry.
4.?Please allow the sponge puff to dry completely before storing.
5. Depending on the frequency of use. but if you use it frequently. we recommend that you replace it with a new one once a month.
6.?When using or cleaning. do not scratch with nails. do not pull hard. and do not leave it in a twisted state.


It has a cute little design that is easy to store. It comes in a storage box where it can be dried naturally on the box for cleaning. Easy to care for. just use the cleaner. wring it out gently. squeeze out the water and dry thoroughly.

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Multifunctional Makeup Sponge Puff